Sunday, 11 February 2018

How To Solve An Amazon Echo If It Is Not Turning On?

Amazon Echo works on voice recognition technology. It converts your commands into actions through Alexa. Alexa in Amazon echo is a voice assistant, who will first listen to your commands and then process it accordingly. You have just required to setup the device on www Amazon com echosetup link given on the official webpage. There is a built-in microphone and speaker in this 6 inches cylinder shape device. You can ask the current weather, current news and what’s going on around you. You can even control your home appliances with the Amazon echo.

Apps like Pandora, Spotify, Prime music and iheart radio all support this device. There is a need to install these apps on Echo app on your phone. After this, you can play the favorite music of your choice from any of the aforementioned music apps. You can command it even from a distance of 10 feet. There is an array of 7 speakers installed in this device, which can listen to your commands from any direction.

If you want to enjoy all the above mentioned features on your Amazon echo, then install the Amazon Alexa app on your phone from the respective app store. This app is easily available for all those devices app stores that support the Alexa feature. For more help related to support, you can go to Amazon echo help link. Besides, so many amazing features, there are some users who are getting problem in turning on the Amazon Echo. They are not being able to turn on the Echo on their own so they are looking for instant help. If you are facing this problem, then we are going to provide the troubleshooting tips for the same. Do read this guide carefully. If you find any problem, you can take Amazon echo support from the technical experts.

Now we are going to discuss the common diagnoses of this problem:

  1. Device not properly connected: If your amazon echo device is not connected properly to the power supply, then you may face the problem in turning on the Echo. Connect the power adapter properly to the device.
  2. Faulty cable: If the cable is broken from any of the ends or from the center, then there are chances of facing the power failure problem. Check the cable properly. If you find any cut or breakage in the wire, then replace it immediately.
  3. Faulty speaker board and power: You will find a circuit inside the device which controls all the processing and programming of it. If there is some problem in the board, you won’t be able to communicate properly with voice assistant ‘Alexa’. In such cases, it is required to change the faulty circuit at the earliest.
  4. Motherboard: As discussed in the previous step, the whole circuit is interconnected to other parts of the network through Motherboard. The motherboard seems to be like a printed circuit board on which all the components are connected. If there is any breakage in the circuit, then check the motherboard and get it repaired immediately. Check the Amazon echo dot setup as well whether it is properly installed or not.
This is all about the troubleshooting procedure of your Amazon Echo. For any further query or information, you can call at our support number provided on the home page of our support site.

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