Monday, 19 February 2018

How To Setup Amazon Echo On Your Device?

Amazon Echo is a device from Amazon Company which has been developed with the view to control all the home appliances with the voice and to get information about the current location from voice assisted device. This virtual assistant is called ‘Alexa’. Before starting with the communication, you need to set up the device first on Amazon Echo setup link. We want to mention here that Amazon echo is cylindrical in shape which employs an array of the mic and one sub-woofer.

The purpose of the speaker is to reply to your queries and the purpose of the mic is to listen to your voice. If you want to ask about current weather of your location, then you can easily speak through mic of your Amazon echo. The voice assistant ‘Alexa’ will respond to your query quickly. In the same way, if you want to control the home appliances like fan, Light or thermostat of Heater, then you can easily do this through the proper setup on www Amazon com echosetup. The device which you want to control must support the Echo and voice assistance.

Now, we are going to discuss the detailed steps to configure Amazon echo on the device.
  1. First of all, Go to app store from your mobile and search for ‘Echo’ app. Click to start downloading. Launch it once the download gets completed. Read on-screen instructions and proceed further.
  2. Switch on the Echo and connect it to your phone. You will find blue light flashing on the top and it will change to orange within next 10 seconds.
  3. Now, set up your Wi-Fi connection for amazon echo. If this step is missing on your device, then you need to go to the previous step by clicking ‘Action’ button.
  4. The main purpose of action button is to go back to the previous step. If you find any problem, you can go to Amazon Echo help.
  5. Go to mobile settings now and connect to the Amazon echo Wi-Fi network. We want to mention here that the Amazon Echo has its own SSID for communication between devices. Follow the on-screen instructions and click to ‘Continue’.
  6. The process for setting up Amazon echo is same as that of Amazon echo dot setup. So you can setup any device with same instructions.
  7. Connect the device to the app with the given information and enter the details carefully.
  8. If you have purchased your own Amazon echo, then you need to enter the name of your device but if you have purchased from your friend, then you need to add the name manually. For this, click on ‘Add a new device’.
  9. Now, in the last step, you need to enter the account details of your Amazon account. This requires your username and password. Once successfully log in. You can purchase any items from your Amazon account. The credit card details will automatically get fetched from here.
In this way, you can configure your Amazon echo on any device. If you are still facing any problem or getting the problem in understanding any point, then you can call at Amazon echo support number. The technical experts will guide you accordingly.

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